Fogo Eucaristia: 容赦


“Too lazy to be ambitious,
I let the world take care of itself.”


  1. Al Ora – Al Ora
  2. Chiemi Manabe – Untotooku
  3. Forrest Fang – Peru
  4. Francois Thevenon – Comme Un Tic
  5. Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va Plus
  6. Jimmy Murakawa – Beauty
  7. Michel Colombier – My Fairy In The Castle
  8. Michiko Akao – Pranja Paramita
  9. Roberto de Simone – Il Coro Delle Lavandaie
  10. Tala A.M. – Sugar Lump
  11. Tommy Mandel – Caught In A Chinese Disco
  12. Tony Hymas – Pictures Of Departure
  13. Yosui Inoue – Pi Po Pa

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