Fogo Eucaristia: Separated by Moons

40 (1)

“There is such solitude in that gold.
The moon of these nights is not the moon
The first Adam saw. Long centuries
Of human vigil have filled her with
An old lament. See. She is your mirror.”


  1. Paul Blamar – Moin çé on Maléré
  2. Max Cilla – La flûte des Mornes
  3. Marku Ribas – Kelé
  4. Giuliano Sorgini – Ultima Caccia
  5. Dom Um Romão – Cravo e Canela
  6. Wah Wah Watson – Bubbles
  7. Fred Frith – Evolution
  8. Camille Doughty – Elijah Rock
  9. The Majestic Arrows – Going To Make A Time Machine (Instrumental)
  10. Drahcir Ztiworoh – Eros Never Stops Dreaming
  11. Letta Mbulu – Down By The River
  12. West India Company – Thieves Of Our Lovers Life
  13. T.K. Ramamoorthy – Gowla
  14. Pugh Rogefeldt – Små Lätta Moln



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