Fogo Eucaristia: Earliest Beginnings


“your strength is just an accident arising from the weakness of others.”


  1. Zbigniew Wodecki – Panny Mego Dziadka
  2. Michael Hedges – Aerial Boundries
  3. Kevin Moore – Speak Your Mind
  4. Craig T. Cooper – I’ll Help You Get There
  5. Leo’s Sunship – Give Me The Sunshine
  6. Ruriko Ohgami – Fuwari Fuwafuwa
  7. Ilous & Decuyper – L’Elu
  8. Sunbear – Let Love Flow For Peace
  9. Masaaki Ohmura – A Touch Of Temptation
  10. Fred Manda – Cartoon In Kartoum
  11. Emilia – Satan In Love
  12. Christophe Laurent – Nuits Brésiliennes
  13. Renée – Lay Me Down
  14. Nathalie Archangel – Let’s Make Love




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