Fogo Eucaristia: Favour




“It must be very beautiful, the sunset,
On Saturn, with the rings and all the moons.”



Ogoya Nengo and the Dodo Womens Group – Arum
Letta Mbulu – Mahlalela
Colleen Grant – Latin Parang
Jose Casimiro – Morti Sta Bidjacu
Ekambi Brillant – Nyambe
Candido – I’m On My Way
Swinging Stars of Dominica – Las Mal Parle


Amazones de Guinee – Samba
Hinde – African Vibration
Sidiku Buari – Music
Livy Ekemezie – Holiday In Action
Antonio Adolfo e A Brazuca – Transamazonica
Edson Frederico – Tava Mas Nao Tava
Celia – No Boca Do Sol
Admas – Astawesalehu


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