Fogo Eucaristia: Then We Left


“Still hangs the hedge without a gust,
Still, still the shadows stay:
My feet upon the moonlit dust
Pursue the ceaseless way”



Stephen St Paul – Breathy
Ramon Tavernier – Ideals
Serge Bulot – Euryale
Claude Larson – Space Romance
Williams Grossart – Morning Dew
Barney Kessel – Malibu
André Popp – Ophelia
Patrick Juvet – Fascination
Locust – Good People


Don Muro – Music Box
Trevor Bastow – Feather Bed
Gianni Sposito – Asteroidi
Monica Beale – Bird of Paradise
Jim Harbourg – Empathy
Sammy Burdson – That’s Fancy
Andre Tschaskowski – Moonset 2
Hans Stockhold – Sahara
Henryk Debich – Opadajacy Widnokrag
Opa – Pieces
Kayoko Ishu – La Leçon Particulière


2 thoughts on “Fogo Eucaristia: Then We Left

  1. Very beautiful this one – thanks! I also like that you’ve made cassette cover art for your two latest mixes. (however I don’t like that I had to fill out our mail+blogaddress and name for commenting)


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